Dearborn STEM Senior Spotlight

Dearborn STEM Academy senior Anne Raphael recently moved to the US and aspires to become a cardiothoracic surgeon. Anne shared her journey with us, and talked about her next steps after graduation this spring. 

Born in Haiti, Anne moved to the United States in November 2019, joining her aunt who resides in Mattapan. Her first schooling experience in the US was at Dearborn STEM. She entered as a junior and says she felt welcome from her very first day in the building. She joined the Health and Life Sciences career pathway so that she could pursue her dream of becoming a cardiothoracic surgeon.

You can hear the excitement in Anne’s voice as she describes her pathways classes, including Biology and Anatomy, English, and the Medical Terminology course she took at Bunker Hill Community College last fall. “I’m learning about the body, how to give first aid, and how I can help if a person has an accident. I have learned about the nervous system. My other classes are connected. In ELA, I learned to put what I learned in biology into words when writing. In my social issues class, I am learning about the environment and how it is affecting us (students). This class helps me see how I’d like my future to be.”

After Arriving in the US, Anne  less than four months of in-person instruction, and the transition to remote learning was difficult. “I no longer had the same interaction with people. I had to adapt to being alone.” Anne credits her teachers and guidance counselor for helping her remain on track. “When COVID started, I noticed that I was less focused on school and felt very stressed with everything happening. My grades were as good as before, but I still felt like I was missing something. My teachers were helpful during that time.”

One teacher she is particularly grateful for is her 11th grade history teacher, Ms. Hughes. “The way she speaks and expresses herself, while being open-minded with us, really inspired me. It made me feel safe.”

Anne is working with her counselor on post-HS plans that further her journey toward becoming a cardiothoracic surgeon.

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