“A Community with Shared Goals for the Future is a Strong One” – BTR Cohort 20 Graduate Speech


Read an excerpt from BTR Cohort 20 graduate Robin Chen’s graduation speech:

“Throughout this year, you have all proven yourself to be capable and empathetic educators – not just for students, but for each other. Here are some of the biggest…

Boston Teacher Residency Awarded Funding to Support Black Educators

We launched Boston Teacher Residency in 2003 as a joint initiative between the Boston Public Schools and Boston Plan for Excellence and designed the program to meet the evolving needs of Boston’s children and families.  We have since prepared a diverse group of over 700 teachers in high need areas such as math,…

The Teacher’s Voice is a Powerful Tool – BTR Cohort 18 Graduate Speech

BTR Graduate and Honored.org’s May 2021 Honoree, Kylie Webster-Cazeau shared a powerful speech taking us through her journey at BTR and lessons she learned along the way. Continue below to read an excerpt from Kylie’s speech.

“Before I begin I would like to acknowledge…

Dearborn Supports Undocumented Students and Families

Teaching is a Political Act

Jesse Solomon, Executive Director, BPE

Believe it or not, it’s almost October. It feels like we just started school, and there are leaves on the ground. Our schools are off to a great start — students and teachers digging into their work together, a nice hum of activity.

As we launch this new school year…

Jamie Lyon, BTR graduate, cohort 14

Jamie Lyon

BTR cohort 14

Good evening all, my name is Jamie Lyon and I am a graduating member of the 14th Boston Teacher Residency Cohort.  This past year I’ve been teaching with my Coordinating Teacher, the wonderful Danielle Hughes, in 6th and 7th grade science classrooms at Dearborn STEM Academy while studying with my…