Dearborn Graduate Spotlight, Teresa Fontes

We recently spoke to Teresa Fontes, Dearborn STEM Academy ‘22, a first year student at College of the Holy Cross about her experience at Dearborn and how she feels prepared for college and career success.

Teresa traveled to the United States in 2016 from Cape Verde and entered Dearborn in grade 7 the following year,…

A Dearborn Graduate Shares His Experience at Benjamin Franklin Cummings Institute of Technology

Dearborn STEM Academy Class of 2020 graduate Breedjully Barbosa, shared his high school and college experiences and tips for success with current Dearborn seniors as he prepares to graduate from Benjamin Franklin Cummings Institute of Technology this spring. Read his full speech below.

The Dearborn Difference: All-Inclusive Pathways

We’ve heard it said so many times: high schools should prepare all students for college and career.  Although the field of education has been focused on “college and career” for nearly a decade, the truth is that too many schools prepare only some

Boston Teacher Residency Awarded Funding to Support Black Educators

We launched Boston Teacher Residency in 2003 as a joint initiative between the Boston Public Schools and Boston Plan for Excellence and designed the program to meet the evolving needs of Boston’s children and families.  We have since prepared a diverse group of over 700 teachers in high need areas such as math,…

Meet Dearborn STEM’s First College Grad!

We recently re-connected with Orlanda Dos Santos, one of Dearborn STEM Academy’s first college graduates, about her experience at Dearborn and the impact of our early college programming on her journey at Bentley University.

Orlanda arrived in the US at 10 years old from Cape Verde, and she attended the Condon School in South Boston.…

It All Starts In The Soil – One Graduates Journey to Seeing Her Students Flourish

BTR cohort 18 graduate Brandi’ Dorch shared with her fellow residents how she learned to care for and nurture students individuals to see them grow. Continue reading below for an excerpt from Brandi’s speech.

“As much as I genuinely hate that you all nominated me to be your speaker, I am equally if not more,…

A 5th Grader’s Advice to Becoming a Successful Educator

Jaeliz shared her advice for BTR grads and a student perspective on how teachers can better engage with their students. Here is her speech in its entirety.


“Hi everyone. My name is Jaeliz. I gave a speech at my 5th grade graduation ceremony at DSNCS, and I can’t believe I am giving…