The effective use of data can transform student and school outcomes by building tools, culture and capacity.

We’ve developed tools that enable Teaching Academy staff (including teachers, residents, and Dudley Promise Corps members) to quickly and effectively interpret and deploy data to best meet students’ academic needs. Our school design and culture create the capacity and structure to collect, learn from, and act upon data quickly.

The Michael and Susan Dell Foundation: Blog post: Data in Action

Curriculum planning begins with looking at data, planning from the data, implementing plans, and analyzing results. This allows teachers to match the right student to the right instruction at the right time. Teachers use this data to guide the academic support that DPC members provide to students. Students and families are presented with relevant data that helps them understand their progress and engages them in working towards goals.

All Boston Teacher Residency trained teachers take a year-long data course which prepares them to use formative, interim, and summative assessment data, and provides them with the accompanying skills and mindset to effectively use data.

The Michael and Susan Dell Foundation: Case study: Teaching Academy data program

We share our data practices and infrastructure with a wide network of schools, locally and nationally.  In 2013 we launched the Massachusetts School Data Network. This network is comprised of charter and public school data leaders who come together to share best practices and problems of practice, and to foster a community of learners who are looking to innovate and transform the state of education data in the Commonwealth and beyond.