Boston Teacher Residency cohort 17 commencement speaker Shevonne Commock

BTR Graduate Shevonne Commock delivered a powerful speech during June 25th’s commencement ceremony, where she and 17 other residents walked the virtual stage! You can read her speech in its entirety below.

“Cohort 17!

I am…

An asynchronous writing journey: residents and students learn together

In March, this year’s Boston Teacher Residency cohort shifted their training and their teaching from our two Teaching Academies to virtual platforms. Right before the city entered quarantine, Residents embarked on one of the most meaningful events of their program year: writing their own memoirs while developing a writing unit for Dudley Street School scholars.

Dearborn Supports Undocumented Students and Families

Teaching is a Political Act

Jesse Solomon, Executive Director, BPE

Believe it or not, it’s almost October. It feels like we just started school, and there are leaves on the ground. Our schools are off to a great start — students and teachers digging into their work together, a nice hum of activity.

As we launch this new school year…