A Dearborn Graduate Shares His Experience at Benjamin Franklin Cummings Institute of Technology

Dearborn STEM Academy Class of 2020 graduate Breedjully Barbosa, shared his high school and college experiences and tips for success with current Dearborn seniors as he prepares to graduate from Benjamin Franklin Cummings Institute of Technology this spring. Read his full speech below.

“Attending Benjamin Franklin Cummings Institute of Technology For the past two years  has been an excellent experience for me. The professors make sure you are understanding the material so that you are successful in the field you are in. On top of the learning material some of my professors would even go an extra mile to teach students how to create generational wealth, to think about ways to secure a successful future.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it, there will always be someone, a professor, counselor, administrator looking to support you.

The support is definitely there.  There is a group of awesome counselors  that are constantly emailing you, checking how you are doing academically, and in your final year making sure that they are helping you to prepare for interviews and to find a job in your field.  I will be graduating with my Associates Degree in Automotive Technology in a month and I feel more than ready to get started in my career. 

One thing I wish I did more of  in high school to prepare for college was take more college classes. I didn’t start taking college classes until my senior year of high school. Taking college classes can benefit you with credits that you can transfer to the college you plan on attending as well as to prepare you for your career. 

But I can say don’t rush through college. Enjoy and make those few years count. Life after high school is definitely something to look forward to. The first few years after high school are the most important years that can set you up for a lifetime of success or a lifetime of struggling, it’s your choice.  You guys are now two months from graduation, so don’t slow down now, finish your projects, come to school and finish strong. Education is one thing that nobody can ever take from you, so work hard and leave no regrets.”

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