Student Life Team

Joshua Fidalgo, Dean of Student Life

Joao Barros, Dean of Student Life

Together, they work to ensure that every one of our students has a positive experience at the Dearborn. We want our students to be healthy, active, safe, and challenged. This involves making sure they are exposed and have access to opportunities they want to explore.

We understand the impact a positive school culture has on a student’s success in school and beyond. We will work diligently as a team to hold students to high expectations while also nurturing their individual potential.

Student Services Team

Marisel Figueroa-Marrero

Mina Debarros-Depina, Guidance Counselor

Ms. Debarros-Depina has been the guidance counselor at the Dearborn for 20 years. She is a certified educator and mental health professional who advocates for all students, coordinates services for students and families and serves as a consultant and a mediator. She helps teachers and parents understand children as she helps children understand themselves and others.

Guidance Services:

  • Provide individual and group counseling to help students with academic success.
  • Assist students, families and teachers during crisis situations.
  • Develop intervention plans for students with absentees, potential dropouts, at-risk behaviors and/or lack of academic progress.
  • Referral families and students to community services and programs.
  • Assist students with school transition and orient students to new school setting
  • Assist parents and students analyze test results to understand student’s abilities, achievement, interests and needs.
  • Conduct conferences with parents, teachers and students.
  • Maintain students’ records
  • Regularly meet with teachers, administrators, student support team and community partners to discuss students needs and coordinate resources for students and families.
  • Support College Counselor in assisting students with the college process

Parents may contact Ms. Debarros-Depina to discuss:

  • Academic concerns
  • Behavior concerns and/or during crisis situations
  • New school transition and orientation
  • Assessment interpretation
  • Family transitions and community resources
  • Colleges and career opportunities.
  • Financial Aid and college options
  • After school programs and extra curricular activities
  • Schedule changes and concerns

Tim Likosky, College Counselor

Mr. Likosky works to prepare students for college and their desired career and to make sure that they are on track to graduate and excel.  He helps students to secure school year and summer internships and facilitates participation in academic enrichment programs and/or dual enrollment outside of school at local universities.  He also organizes community involvement opportunities through various service projects with local organizations.

Visit  College Readiness for more information.

Estefania Alves, Social Worker

Ms. Alves works to ensure students’ well being so that they may be able to succeed academically. Below is a list of the many services she provides students and families.

  • A safe space for dialogue where confidentiality will be adhered to (except in cases of physical, sexual, or emotional abuse and harm to self or others)
  • Individual or group counseling to students
  • Daily/weekly check-ins with students
  • Support for students on Individual Education Plans
  • Design socio-emotional and behavioral plans that support the student at home and school.
  • Assists in mediating parent-guardian/child differences (misunderstandings/miscommunication)
  • Observes students in classrooms
  • Collaborates with teachers and staff to effectively support student needs
  • Helps expecting/parenting students access resources
  • Assists homeless students in finding transportation to school
  • Supports newcomers in adjusting to a new school, culture and country
  • Connects families to external services (family therapy, food pantries, etc.)
  • Connects families to resources in the community that support positive socio-emotional and behavioral development
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