We are redesigning education and career preparation for middle and high school students.

High school computer science
Photo by Melanie Stetson Freeman/The Christian Science Monitor

We are a Boston Public School, a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics school and a BPE Teaching Academy serving grades 6-12. We are committed to preparing students to successfully enter the 21st century global workforce. We bridge rigorous academics with career readiness, and we leverage Boston’s unique position in higher education and industry to provide students with access to authentic real world experiences, while cultivating critical thinking and communications skills.

21st century careers require skills and mindsets for which most schools were not designed: deep critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, and creativity. Graduates will need a keen digital literacy and the ability to adapt continuously to new ideas and paradigms. The technical and adaptive skill sets and knowledge that are required of our students were unimagined in the 20th century economy.

At Dearborn STEM Academy, students graduate with deep understanding of the language, concepts and ideas represented in STEM fields. Our teachers structure the classroom environment so that students learn to solve problems collaboratively, approach challenges from different perspectives, explain their reasoning, and create new knowledge together.

School Overview:

We serve 551 students in grades 6-12. In the 2018-2019 school year, the Dearborn moved to a brand new, $70 million state-of-the-art STEM facility. The school has been thoughtfully designed for 21st century student learning. It features flexible spaces for collaboration among students and adults and a high capacity for the use of technology.

We are a BPE Teaching Academy in which residents from Boston Teacher Residency partner with experienced teachers to deliver ambitious instruction in each classroom. Teachers have opportunities to observe one another’s work, receive feedback on their teaching, engage in cycles of inquiry, analyze data, reflect on practice, support and push each other to grow.

Our Students:

  • Take a comprehensive set of computer science courses: Students gain a foundational knowledge of programming and progress to robotics, video game design, app development and more.
  • Explore STEM careers through a curriculum that is hands-on, team oriented, rooted in problem solving and modeled after professional work projects and tasks.
  • Have access to multiple college and career pathways. Students graduate with a career plan that takes them to the right post-secondary education or training option and to the profession of their choice.