Our Academic Approach

Our priority at the Dearborn is to get to know and serve each student both personally and academically. We do so by providing:

  • Individualized learning plans for every student that establish personalized goals and pathways to college and career.
  • A robust advisory program where students develop deep relationships with adults and other students in the community.
  • Internships, workplace learning and summer job opportunities for high school students.
  • Access to early college courses for all students
  • College exploration and preparation, with dedicated guidance counselors, college visits, college fairs, panels with college students, and more.

Preparing our students for college and career begins in Grade 6. Students will be provided with in-school, one-on-one guidance from our college counselor and with out-of-school resources to assist and empower them for college and beyond.

Core components of our academic program include:

  • STEM Approach: All students will develop a basic understanding of the language, concepts and ideas that are pervasive across all STEM fields, graduate with a robust awareness of STEM disciplines, jobs and career paths, and identify their STEM interests and identities.
  • Rigorous, MassCore STEM Courses for All: Four years of high school math for all students and three years of science for all students.
  • Computer Science Courses for All Students: All students will take computer science courses to gain a foundational knowledge of programming.
  • Early College for All Students: We’re providing Early College experiences for every one of our students, so that every student experiences higher education before they graduate high school, and every student knows what it takes to be successful in college, and has the support and resources to get there.
  • College and Career Exploration for All: All students will participate in an integrated set of college and career exposure experiences designed to build their knowledge of and access to a variety of post-secondary STEM pathways. Program elements include college visits, university-based academic enrichment programs, college and financial aid workshops, career days, career-focused field trips, resume writing support, and career exploration workshops in partnership with local businesses and universities. Furthermore, all students will participate in STEM-related apprenticeships intended to provide them with an introductory experience in the world of work.