BTR graduates form a strong network of 700+ exceptionally dedicated educators across the city of Boston and beyond.  Meet some of our alumni.

Featured alumni writing, news and publications:


Brinda Tahiliani, cohort 3

Brinda and her two sons | Image via Massachusetts Department of Elementary & Secondary Education

Brinda Tahiliani, teacher at New Mission High School, was named the 2018 Massachusetts History Teacher of the Year.

Emmanuel Fairley, cohort 12

A Matter of Trust

Jill Harrison Berg, Christine Connolly, Abda Lee and Emmanuel Fairley write about how the Henry Grew Elementary school — a Boston turnaround school — built its improvement plan around by researching and implementing relational trust.

Rachel Otty, cohort 2

A History Teacher’s Mission: Teaching Islam in an Age of Misinformation

Rachel Otty on how she builds religious literacy in the classroom in the face of constant misinformation about Muslims in contemporary western media.

Anita Sintes, cohort 8

Supportive Classroom Strategies for Students Exposed to Trauma

Jennifer Friedman, Colleen Labbe & Anita Sintes have become more and more concerned about their students social/emotional health as the intense focus on accelerating student achievement has taken center stage.  In these posts, they discuss how to better understand and support students who have struggled with behavioral norms that in turn impact their learning.

Adina Schecter, cohort 2

What is Worth $1 Million?

A middle school serving some of Boston’s most vulnerable students faces a $1 million budget cut. Teacher Adina Schecter reflects on what that says about the city and its priorities…

Chris Summerhill, cohort 5

Chris Summerhill presents Boston’s efforts to diversify its teaching staff, arguing that all students should have an opportunity to learn from educators of many diverse backgrounds.












boston ed talks – post video

Audrey Jackson, cohort 4

BTR Grad, Massachusetts Teacher of the Year 2015 to serve on federal committee

Jackson named to sit on a prestigious committee with a mission to draft regulations for the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) recently passed by Congress.