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Prepared to teach on day one

We launched the residency model, widely replicated around the nation, to ensure that new teachers are equipped to effectively lead urban classrooms.

Boston Teacher Residency, an AmeriCorps program, is a nationally recognized clinical teacher preparation program whose graduates support student achievement from day one and who stay in teaching, continuing to refine and improve their practice.

Created in 2002 as a joint initiative between the Boston Public Schools and Boston Plan for Excellence, we designed BTR to meet the evolving needs of Boston’s children and families, and we have since prepared a diverse group of over 700 teachers in high need areas such as math, science and special education.

Merging theory and practice

Too often in teacher preparation, novices are taught primarily through coursework, and assessed primarily through course grades.  While strong and relevant coursework is absolutely necessary, it is not sufficient to ensure that a new teacher gains the ability to support the learning of 30 students.  We’ve proven that teacher candidates are better prepared and more effective when they put their new knowledge into practice and build upon new skills throughout their year of training.

Modeled after medical residencies, teacher residencies immerse candidates in the immensely complex field of teaching, learning with and from experienced mentors.  The BTR faculty teach residents’ courses, coach them in their school settings, and hold them accountable for their students’ learning.