Honors Breakfast (4/6/2018)

Teachers and staff treated students from all grades Dearborn STEM who achieved honors, high honors and honorable mentions for terms 1 or 2 (or both!) to a breakfast and award ceremony on April 6. Congratulations, scholars!



Red Hat CO.LAB (2/20 – 2/23)

Our Dearborn STEM students and peers from Boston Public Schools learned key aspects of scrum through first-hand experience: quick prototyping, failing fast and cross-team collaboration at Red Hat’s CO.LAB bootcamp session.


STEM Day @ Fenway Park (9/14/2017)



Student Learning Expo



Class of ’17 Graduation



BUILD Boston Winners!

Dearborn’s three teams won three of four prizes awarded at a BUILD Boston competition in early March.




Dearborn teachers celebrated National “Coming Out” Day in support of undocumented families. #UnafraidEducators #UnafraidBPS #UnafraidBTU #SanctuarySchools #MAedu




Spring sports highlights