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BPE Senior Advisor Awarded

BPE Senior Advisor Magdalene Lampert, a national expert on mathematics education and teacher education, received the 2014 Outstanding Contribution to Education Award from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and the 2014 Outstanding Journal of Teacher Education Article Award from the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education Committee on Research and Dissemination. Dr. Lampert's study "provides a provocative framing of the ways in which teacher educators design and guide novice teachers' learning--specifically through the use of coached rehearsals within cycles of investigating and enacting practice" (source). The award-winning paper documents key strategies for developing ambitious teaching practices in aspiring teachers. 


Making It Happen

Last year, BPE helped launch the Dudley Street Neighborhood Charter School, a new school with a big mission: to serve the full range of Boston students, bringing every child to proficiency in reading by the third grade. The Dudley Street School is BPE's first Teaching Academy, a premier training ground for Boston teachers.



"Making It Happen" chronicles the Dudley Street School's first year, a year marked by impressive accomplishments (74% of students made at least a year of growth in reading) and great enthusiasm and dedication from staff, partners, families, and students.  

See our teachers and students in action:



Student Success. Nothing Less.

At BPE we commit to nothing less than student success. We believe that every child should have the right to a quality public education and that Boston can be the first city to fulfill this basic promise of our democracy.

Our mission is to drive exceptional outcomes for all students by developing great teachers and great schools. We prepare and support a diverse group of talented teachers for Boston's schools, and we partner to create strong schools where teachers can do their best work and children learn at their highest potential. 

With our innovative and replicable models of teacher and school development, BPE is a powerful force for reframing schooling in Boston.

Our Priorities

Drawing on over 25 years of experience working to improve urban schools, BPE is committed to three strategies that, together, have the highest likelihood of achieving our goal of success for every student:

  1. Prepare and support diverse, highly effective teachers for Boston’s schools through a best-in-class teacher preparation and development program. More.
  2. Ensure broad student success in partner schools by cultivating ambitious instruction in every classroom with a coherent, data-driven approach to school improvement. More.
  3. Create break-the-mold new schools that ensure all students are prepared to succeed in college and career. More.

These three activities are inextricably linked. Placing teacher preparation in schools allows us to foster communities in which adults are continually learning and working to achieve student success. Our school partnerships help schools to implement coherent systems and practices in which teachers and students can best learn and grow.

Enacting this three-part strategy, we reach 10% of BPS students, helping to dramatically accelerate their progress. Just as important, we are creating new, replicable models for developing great teachers and great schools.