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Massachusetts 2015 Educator Evaluation Ratings

BTR grads are 2x as likely as other MA teachers to be rated Exemplary.

Fourth-year BTR grads are 4x as likely as other 4th year teachers to be rated Exemplary.

On the 2017 Massachusetts Educator Evaluation system, BTR graduates trained in Teaching Academies received higher ratings than their peers across the state with the same level of experience. 100% of first-year BTR teachers were rated as Proficient or Exemplary, compared with 91% of all first-year teachers in the state prepared by Massachusetts-based teacher preparation programs.

BTR’s Learning Site was the most transformational PD I have done in my three years of teaching. Connie helped me realize what I was doing that was working, so I could build on it. I had more confidence and started to “own” everything that I taught. I’ve never felt that way coming away from a PD. And most importantly, when I implemented the practices that came out of the Learning Site, my students made progress in their writing.

Kyle Dempsey1st grade teacher, Guild School - Cohort 10

Through BTR Induction coaching, I became aware of aspects of my teaching that felt peripheral, but are critical to my effectiveness. I’m now able to share those practices with other teachers.

Alice McCabe2nd grade teacher, Boston Teachers Union School - Cohort 9

To me, [Boston Teacher Residency] is an undercover revolution…We believe that all students have the capacity to learn, regardless of their race, class, learning disability, or immigration status…We believe that family relationships are at the core of student success. And we believe…that students and teachers alike are not born great, but that through hard work and discipline we get great.

Porshai Rivera2nd grade teacher, Young Achievers - Cohort 15


Boston Teacher Residency has been replicated in more than 35 cities and countries since its launch in 2003.


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92% of BTR grads are initially placed in BPS teaching positions.