Elizabeth Sweeney

Induction Coach (Elementary Math)
esweeney (@) bpe.org

Elizabeth Sweeney has years of elementary teaching experience in grades 1-5. She also held teacher leadership roles such as Lead Teacher, Mentor Teacher, and Staff Developer, and held district roles such as District Math Facilitator and District Assessment Developer. She supported the implementation of the Boston Math Plan for 10 years as Assistant Program Director for K-5 Mathematics. Ms. Sweeney spent three years as a math coach at two public schools in Boston.  During those years she was part of a team of school and district personnel as well as math educators from EDC, TERC and Mt. Holyoke, who met regularly to reflect on mathematics, curriculum, best classroom practices, the role of professional development, and the effects of these on teachers’ beliefs and practices and students’ learning. A significant focus of Ms. Sweeney's work has been on student assessment. In addition to developing assessments for grades 1-5 math for Boston Public Schools, she has served as a member of the Massachusetts MCAS Mathematics Assessment Development Committee Grade 4 from 2000-2009, and the MCAS Mathematics Standard Setting Panel Committee for Grade 3 in both 2006 and 2007. She also was a member of the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) Standing Committee for Grade 4. Ms. Sweeney has worked with BPE since 2009.