Brianna Wilson

Learning Sciences and Improvement Specialist, BTR Early Career Teacher Network
Brianna Wilson supports BPE’s Induction team to develop, test, and refine a theory of practice improvement for early career teacher development. By surfacing and making explicit the clinical knowledge held by experienced educators and synthesizing and translating core findings from academic research in education and the cognitive sciences, Brianna helps combine theory, evidence, and practical insight to drive cycles of continuous improvement in the Early Career Teacher Network. Brianna earned an Ed.M. in Mind, Brain, and Education from Harvard Graduate School of Education in 2016 and graduated from the Boston Teacher Residency with Cohort 8. She taught high school Humanities and ESL inclusion in BPS, and continues to support deeper learning for students by working with other grads to understand how learning to coach might deepen expertise in teaching. When she’s not in classrooms or cheerfully sketching elaborate concept maps, Brianna can be found roaming the woods, reading in a cozy chair, or making music with whoever will play or sing along.