BPE Teaching Academies

Students and teachers need strong, coherent schools to do their best work. Drawing on our experience preparing excellent teachers and strengthening school-wide systems, BPE runs a preK-12 pathway of Teaching Academies in the Dudley neighborhood of Roxbury. BPE Teaching Academies are designed to deliver ambitious teaching in every classroom and to graduate resilient, hard working students who are on a path to college, careers, and engagement as citizens.

Modeled after teaching hospitals, our Teaching Academies immerse aspiring Boston teachers in the best practices of the field. Our Boston Teacher Residency "teacher residents" work side by side with experienced colleagues to implement research-based practices, examine their impact on student learning, and refine instruction until every child is successful. Dudley Promise Corps members provide additional academic support to students and receive training that positions them to pursue careers in education. A flexible school day and staffing model maximize the expertise of faculty, residents, and volunteers so that children get the instruction they needs when she needs it. 

We opened our first Teaching Academy, Dudley Street Neighborhood Charter School in September 2012. We opened our second, the Dearborn STEM Academy, in September 2015.

As part of the Boston Public Schools, BPE Teaching Academies will serve as catalysts for school improvement in the Dudley neighborhood and the city as a whole. 


Dudley Street Neighborhood Charter School Charter Renewal Application

Please read our application here


Reorganizing Teaching

At Tedx BeaconStreetBPE Executive Director Jesse Solomon addressed strategies to reorganize the teaching profession.  This system consistently supports wonderful teaching for every child by drawing from the medical training model. Watch the full video here:


School Reimagined

How are we achieving such strong results? Teaching Academies breaks from the century-old, “one-size-fits-all” school model, providing students and teachers with the time, flexibility, and support they need to achieve at high levels.

Our approach includes:

  • more time for student and adult learning, with a longer school day and year
  • common instructional practices that consistently engage every student in high-cognitive demand activities
  • flexible student grouping and staffing that maximize adults’ expertise and ensure students are taught the content and skills they need when they need them
  • ongoing monitoring of each student’s progress and the progress of the school as a whole,with data guiding decisions among staff, families, and partners
  • families who are actively engaged in the School Site Council, Family Council, and the daily life of the school
  • more adults dedicated student learning, including highly motivated teacher residents, full-time Dudley Promise Corps members, and community volunteers
  • neighborhood partnerships to provide arts, physical education, and socio-emotional supports