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Planning Parties
  • Routines and structures to plan in a community environment

  • Collaborating and sharing ideas from colleagues

  • Opportunities to get focused feedback

  • Support in getting work done and ready for weeks ahead
  • You have a weekend planning routine

  • Often get distracted from planning by searching or looking for ideas and feedback

  • Having office supplies available would support your planning productivity

  • The Sunday Blues are real and doing the work of teaching among others might help

  • Having a goal to “get done/get ahead” would motivate your grading/planning habits
  • 11:00-3:00 at Tower Point

    October 22

    November 5

    December 3

    January 21

    February 25

    March 25

    April 22
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    Learning Site
  • BTR grad opens up classroom for others to learn.

  • Group of teachers study content, student learning, and teacher decision making in real time

  • Learn directly from students through interviews, student work, and student reflections

  • Learning site participants support the learning and reflection of the host teacher.

  • Together, teachers set goals to transfer their learning and adapt new ideas back in their own contexts
  • You want to study teaching in another context

  • You share the questions or goals that the learning site teacher is exploring

  • You need more than a 10 min observation of a lesson to learn about content, students or teaching

  • You’re excited by deep analytical conversations about a shared classroom teaching experience
  • Winter and SpringStay Tuned
    Elementary and secondary math: making mathematical arguments

    Joys of Close Reading; Notice and Note Nonfiction

    Discussion and engagement with young adults and ELs

    Language study and syntax in the elementary classroom

    Using CCSS curriculum and complex texts

    Rethinking Motivation and Family-Classroom partnerships

    Digital literacy
    -3 grad credits available for reduced rates (for follow up work after learning site)
    Grad Groups
  • A collaboratory of teachers and coaches coming together to study a shared question of teaching and learning

  • Blends on-line and in person learning

  • Teachers decide on something to try in their classroom and work with a coach to test out a new idea (related to the big question)

  • Meet virtually to share learning, get feedback, confer around a problem of practice

  • Group disseminates their learning to others
  • You want a deeper dive into an aspect of teaching & learning

  • You feel isolated and want to reconnect with a collaborative community of teachers who are also working to improve

  • You want collaboration but you want it to be efficient and easy to access
  • 4-6 meetings online Digital literacy

    Together Teacher Too

    Grading is Planning

    Text Sets

    Parent-Coaching Groups
    May earn 3 grad credits available for reduced rates or mentoring hours
    Summer Institute
  • A two week institute to prepare teachers for the beginning of the school year

  • Learn, plan & rehearse the routines, norms, and IAs to launch a safe, productive, joyful learning environment

  • Practice through fun, interactive games

  • Daily collaboration and feedback on your plans for launching the school year

  • Participate in a first days of school simulation

  • Rehearse strategies for parent communication and get feedback from real parents
  • You just graduated from Residency and are preparing for your first year of teaching

  • You have been teaching, and want to re-work part of your plan for launching the school year

  • You want collaboration and feedback on your plans for the first days of school
  • Two weeks in AugustInterested?
    Register here:
  • A celebration of teacher work and joyful learning among the BTR community and beyond

  • Small table teacher presentations

  • BTR Grad-lead and designed

  • Organized around a theme and a call to action for the new year of teaching
  • You want to learn from others and their work

  • You want to expand your network of awesome teachers

  • You want to reinvest, recharge, and recommit to growing your teaching

  • You want to reconnect to the supportive BTR community
  • June 7thInterested?